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Focusing|FLIS × 亚利桑那州立大学:直通世界名校之路

福州西湖国际学校与美国公立名校亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University, 简称ASU)于近年签订官方合作协议,为高中学生提供ASU高中大学双学分课程。参与该项目的学子在高中阶段即可开始大学学分课程的学习,直通世界名校,为将来本科的学习节约时间与费用。

Fuzhou Lakeside International School has signed an official cooperation agreement with Arizona State University (ASU), a leading public university in the U.S., to offer Universal Learner Courses to high school students. Participants in the program can begin taking university credit courses in high school, which will lead them to the world's most prestigious universities and save them time and money for future undergraduate studies.



Arizona State University


Arizona State University has been honored as the “Most Innovative School” for seven consecutive years in U.S. News & World Report ratings, with first-rate alumni resources and academic quality, and is a leader in the U.S. and the world in aerospace, optics, computers, and business management. The university promotes personalized development of students and leads the nation's public universities in the number of experts and scholars it has produced.



How is the ASU program implemented, and how do FLIS faculty members in the program help students better grasp the content of online classes? We interviewed some ASU program teachers, let's get more details about it!



ASU offers more than 200 online courses and certificate programs taught by the award-winning ASU faculty and staff, and its online education ranks among the best in the nation. When it comes to the benefits of online education, the University Dean for Educational Initiatives and CEO of EdPlus at ASU has said that online courses can require more discipline than on-campus courses. Research finds classroom interaction can increase in online settings and diverse practicum experiences prepare students beyond simple instruction. Now that the fall semester 2023-2024 of the High School and Academy has been declared over, FLIS students enrolled in the ASU program also finished project research in conjunction with four courses (Mathematics/Sociology/Microeconomics/English Academic Composition) at the end of December. From choosing a topic to collecting and reading literature, conducting fieldwork, analyzing data, and writing reports, they interacted with a wide range of topics: strategies for balancing academics and life, the impact of food advertising on teenagers' eating habits and nutrition knowledge, stock behavior analysis and recommendation- to name just a few. Eventually, students demonstrated their learning outcomes with a presentation.



From kicking off the semester in mid-August at the Jiao-Hu Skylark Field Studies Center in Jiangle, to wrapping up the semester with a research project presentation before Christmas, FLIS students also have a lot to say about the ASU program.



In addition, some of the ASU program students received offers from top universities in the U.S. and Australia at the end of last year- congratulations! FLIS will continue to work hand in hand with you on your educational journey and look forward to more good news in the future!