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School News丨长大后,你想做什么?

What do you want to do when you grow up?

More than once in our lives, we will encounter this question. At different ages, each person may give a different answer. Is it too early for kindergarteners to consider this question? Not really. The preschool students at Fuzhou Lakeside International School arrived at the Children's Career Experience Center on October 20. On this day, the question they faced was not "what do you want to do when you grow up" - when they stepped into the experience center, a wide range of stores, hospitals, institutions, airports, etc. were laid out in front of them. The question now was: What career do you want to experience today?

During this time, the preschool students happen to be learning about the theme of "My World". They will gradually learn about their surroundings, and the various occupations in the world... And this trip is a part of their enrichment learning.

Before the start of each career experience, professional teachers were on hand to impart knowledge to the kids. In the self-rescue and self-care venues, such as fire stations, public security bureaus, emergency rooms, and dentistry, FLIS students were given systematic science education. How do we use a fire hydrant to put out a fire in an emergency? What are the key points of performing CPR? How do we protect our teeth on a regular basis? The children were exposed to many new skills while feeling the heavy responsibility, and maybe one day they can also help others in case of danger - the "little firefighters" who changed into costumes and went to the police were so awesome!

Step into the theater, kids change into performance clothes, confidently step on stage to give their singing and dancing performance, and experience the feeling of being a star!

Do you understand the speed and passion of soaring moments at the airport and at the go-kart track? Children also learn the ground and sky traffic rules. Law-abiding driving is everyone's responsibility!

Several times passing the food and leisure venues, students have long been unable to resist, this time, in the pizza shop, our little chefs were really immersed in their pizza-making! The hand-made pizza must taste good...

Through experiencing different occupations at the center, FLIS students became interested and thoughtful about the roles and work contents of different jobs, and at the same time, cooperating with their partners allowed them to exercise their communication and collaboration skills. Isn't this how everyone's world is built? The experience of this day was a seed, a little light of revelation, and also a perfect autumn trip "with my good friends".