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School News丨返校快乐!现在向我们走来的是2022-2023学年……


ECE 幼儿部园长Abbey Wei


Here's to a great school year. With every lesson learned, idea shared, and friend made, your life will grow all the richer! Let us welcome this brand new year with new energies and new hopes to experience new things and to learn things you never knew before.



Primary 小学部外方主管Eddy Mckenna


This year I would like to wish a successful, enlightening and rewarding year. The more effort that you apply now, the greater the reward and sense of achievement you will feel later. I hope that all students show resilience to the challenges they will face remembering that just because you can’t do something as well as you would like to yet, it does not mean you won’t eventually achieve it through perseverance.   I hope all students will give thoughtful consideration to their own learning experience and the learning experience of others. I hope that all students endeavor to take responsibility for their own actions and act with integrity at all times. I wish all of you the best of luck for the coming academic and look forward to all our interactions and seeing you thrive and flourish here at FLIS.



中学部IB(MYP) 项目主管Travis Coyne


FLIS MYP provides a learning environment that nurtures principled, caring, balanced leaders of today and tomorrow. We are committed to using inquiry-based learning to develop awareness of self and global-mindedness that allows our students to know that they can have a positive impact on their own lives and the world around them. 

FLIS MYP为学子们提供学习环境,孕育有原则、关爱他人、均衡发展、适应当下与未来世界的领袖。我们致力于通过探究式学习来培养学生的自我意识和全球意识,让学生知道他们可以对自己的生活和周围的世界产生积极影响。


Through nurturing growth of self-management and self-reliance, FLIS MYP students will find success within themselves and their communities through their healthy contributions and collaborations. These students will be life-long learners who are active participants in their own lives.

通过培养自我管理能力与独立自主的精神、进行有益的贡献与合作,FLIS MYP学子会在个人与集体层面都取得成就。这些学子会成为终身学习者,积极主动地参与生活中大大小小的事务。

Welcome back! 本周,福州西湖国际学校2022-2023学年正式拉开序幕,学子纷纷回到校园。虽因疫情影响,根据教育局要求,FLIS决定延期举办十周年庆典及音乐节活动,但甫一进入修葺一新的校园,学子们立刻转换心情,因新学年到来而雀跃不已。
Welcome back! This week, students returned to campus as the 2022-2023 school year at Fuzhou Lakeside International School officially kicked off. Although FLIS decided to postpone the 10th anniversary celebration and music festival due to the epidemic, the students immediately switched their moods and were excited for the new school year as soon as they entered the newly renovated campus.

Among the new school year, new changes, the new school song, new students and a series of surprises, perhaps the most eye-catching is the "big friend" that greets students on campus - the FLIS 10th anniversary mascot "Felix"! The ten-year-old panda was a cute sight to see. He has a lively personality, loves to play with his friends, climb trees and draw pictures. It is worth mentioning that the image of "Felix" was created by Rainbow, a FLIS MYP student. When it comes to FLIS, many people think of the Fuzhou Panda World across the street from the school, which is not only the home of giant pandas, but also has many red pandas. Based on the fact that baby red pandas leave their mothers in the year following their birth and begin to live independently, Rainbow associated FLIS with the importance of cultivating students' ability to learn independently, and gradually the image of "Felix" became clearer.

"I want to convey to FLIS students and students the spirit of optimism and courage to solve problems through the image of the little panda, which is exactly what FLIS has taught me." So said Rainbow.

Happy new school year! When the time is right, FLIS will restart the 10th anniversary event, so stay tuned!