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Summer Camp | FLIS天籁蛟湖夏令营:与你纵身入山水的每一个艳阳夏日

In the middle of July, Jiaohu, the beautiful and quiet village of in Jiangle welcomed a group of excited young campers. With the sound of laughter, the kids from the city entered the Jiao-Hu Skylark Field Studies Center with great expectation. What kind of surprises will this summer trip bring them? Or, what kind of surprises will they bring us?

That week, the kids at the "Nature Arts" Summer Camp experienced what it means to "create": they ran through the mountains and wilderness, picking up fallen flower leaves and sealing the beauty by hammering, pressing and ironing them; in these processes, kids learned to identify the plants that can be picked and those that cannot, their pressing direction, placement order and preservation methods. And whether it was Pressed Flower Art, Pounded Flower Art or making Pressed Flower Candles, it challenged the campers' compositional skills and aesthetic principles.

The Tie-dyed Fashions class greatly stimulated the campers' imagination. The art teacher first showed the beauty of the tie-dye patterns, and the kids enthusiastically expressed their opinions: Like clouds! Like spirals! Like lollipops! Part of the beauty of tie-dyeing is that until the last minute, until we open the dyed fabric, we will never know what beautiful patterns we have created - and do not be easily discouraged by a slight oversight in the process, perhaps the finished product is quite stunning!

The handmade canvas bags in the Decoupage class, the green mountains paints in the watercolor sketching class, and the small animal ornaments in the clay sculpture class… Time and time again, campers made their creations by hand under the guidance of teachers and volunteers. These small handicrafts are clumsy, imperfect, and not as shiny as the goods in the city window, but they seem to have the wild charm of nature, strange and spooky, free from the uniform mold, and at a moment worth remembering, with the sincere heart and unique soul of the children.

"Into the Wild" Summer Camp enriches kids’ imagination of life. Previously, many campers were used to a life where adults did everything for them. How do they adapt and survive in the wilderness after leaving their familiar environment? Our young campers delivered a satisfying answer. They built shelters from scratch, using local materials, overcoming the heat of the outdoors and building shelters to protect themselves from the wind and rain; they looked in all directions, exploring landing points, safe routes of climbing, and conquer everything in front of them with their hands and feet up the trees; they learned the national intangible cultural heritage - Li nationality's techniques of making fire by drilling wood, roasted potatoes and corn by hand with the generated fire, and tasted the fruits of their labor; they can reap multiple fun only by an orienteering map and a compass, to face the big challenge of Orienteering, to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed...

In addition to refreshing the campers' knowledge of survival over and over again, "Into the Wild" Summer Camp’s various outdoor sports programs also make the kids high! Stream-trekking, water fights, kayaking, disc golf, catching loaches in the fish pond… Out of the air-conditioned room, away from electronic devices, childhood can be so rich, real and colorful.

After the two summer camps, many teachers have coincidentally mentioned the surprises brought by the campers. "Kids are stronger than we thought!" Giving kids respect, trust and security, waiting for them to unleash their potential to the fullest, to use their initiative to overcome momentary negative emotions, to focus on solving problems, to live, to make mistakes, to think… to broaden their boundaries and to enjoy the present moment - perhaps this is not only the meaning of education, but also the meaning of life.


The contribution of the Secondary School volunteers to the camp trip should not be overlooked. These big brothers and sisters not only played the role of "assistants" to the teachers, but also experienced the hard work of being "parents" in advance: the volunteers would remind the kids to take a bath and brush their teeth and tidy their rooms at the right time, just like mothers and fathers. At night, they made rounds, calmed the children who were homesick and afraid of the dark, and sat on the floor in the corridor of the dormitory waiting for them to fall asleep, which was so touching and heartwarming. We would like to thank the preparatory team, teachers, volunteers and staff from the center who worked behind the scenes of this camp. Without your hard work, this Midsummer Dream trip would not have been so successful.

就像大自然用一种别致的方式与大家say hi,
On the day the first campers arrived at the Jiao-Hu Skylark Field Studies Center,
The gorgeous evening sunset glow covered the mountains and the sky as far as the eye could see.
It was like nature saying hi to everyone in a chic way,
It was also a good omen for the camp life afterwards.
While all the colorful memories are still not yet blurred
Let's rewind to the evening sunset glow of that day -

Thank you for coming by.
We hope this experience has also embellished your life like a shining decoration.