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School News丨FLIS毕业季:毕业快乐!我们不说再见,因为还会再见!



Fuzhou Lakeside International School held its 2022 graduation ceremony this past June 30th. Dozens of graduates from ECE, Primary and Secondary gathered with their parents for this precious moment; and with everyone's best wishes, the students have embarked on a new stage of their lives.

For ECE, three years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the curious babies who hid behind their parents when they entered the school have become the graduates of the class who stepped onto the red carpet with confidence today, and the dazzling light of that moment made all of the audience have mixed feelings. The teachers who gave speeches on the stage got teary-eyed and choked up as they said "thank you" to the children. As the children held hands, some of the students used the alphabet to string together the daily life of the kindergarten, while others sent a song of thanks to all of them, and at the end of the song, all of them scrambled to remind each other to remember to bow before leaving the stage. Ultimately, education is a two-way relationship. For three years, more than 900 days and nights, our children have experienced daily changes; while we educate our children, our children have taught us much, much more.

We hope that everything we experience together will make us grow better. FLIS wishes all the kids to go forward, pursue their dreams, and grow up healthy and cute forever!

On this day, 22 fifth graders officially said goodbye to their Primary school and moved on to FLIS' Secondary school, which means they will become big brothers and sisters at FLIS, become part of a House, face more challenging academic tasks, learn to deal with the physical and mental changes of adolescence, and at the same time, have more autonomy to realize their own ideas and have more exposure to world-class competition and social service work. In his speech, Mr. Jackson looked back on his time with the fifth graders: the surprises - sometimes he would ask them the most difficult questions adults have to face, questions without a clear answer, and the fifth graders were always been able to discuss these questions maturely and thoughtfully; and the expectations - sometimes he notices that some things are still difficult for students, such as taking risks to test out ideas, creating their own principles of right and wrong, and learning to communicate carefully and kindly.

This was the last day that the students were still called "fifth graders". In her speech, Giselle, a representative of the graduating class, focused on "change", which can be scary, but she believed everyone would all eventually get over it and enjoy their secondary school life. While taking this step, don't forget the words of Mr. Eddy, the Primary Principal, “…approach the next step of your educational journey with vigor and remember that the more you put in to your study the more you will get out of it."

本年度中学毕业生是FLIS IB(MYP)项目的首届毕业生,但这群毕业生无疑给低年级生、给所有人树立了榜样:他们贯彻IB精神、力争成为一名终身学习者,将学习的时间、空间拓展到课外,亦施展特长,发挥创造力与想象力,积极参加、组织各种校园活动,赢得了大家的尊敬与景仰。毕业典礼上,他们收获了老师与学弟学妹的祝福,并将中学学院的旗帜传递给了下一届MYP5学子。在这段旅程结束之际,每个人都收获了美好的回忆与辉煌的成就。
Part of the secondary graduates are the first graduates of the FLIS IB (MYP) program, but they have certainly set an example for the younger students and for everyone else: they have followed the spirit of the IB, strived to be lifelong learners, expanded their learning time and space outside of the classroom, developed their strengths, used their creativity and imagination, and actively participated in and organized various campus activities, earning the respect and admiration of everyone. At the graduation ceremony, they received the blessings of their teachers and younger students and passed on the House flags to the next MYP5 students. At the end of this journey, everyone gained wonderful memories and brilliant achievements.

Next, the graduates will embark on a new journey as they study hard to achieve higher academic success and gradually begin to find and identify their true selves. Throughout our lives, we meet many people and go to many places to experience many things… As Ms. Alicia says, "In this process, there is no such thing as failure." The flowers in the fields bloom in different seasons, and the constellations shining in the night sky have different brightness depending on the season. Be brave enough to be yourself, break through the stereotypes of others, and find your season where you can shine the most. “You are the most important person in your world, and you are loved. I hope you always remember that.”

Congratulations to each and every graduate. We won't say goodbye because we will see you again, and the FLIS family will always be there to support you. Thank you to every student, parent, faculty and staff for all the hard work you have put into this school year! Now, enjoy the summer and we will see you next school year!