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School News丨愿你书香常伴 FLIS世界读书日小展正在进行中!

World Book Day Exhibition

This weekend, we will celebrate World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day or International Day of the Book. This is the day that the great literary figures Cervantes and Shakespeare passed away, and it coincides with Saint George's Day in Catalonia, Spain, where it is also known as El Dia de la Rosa (The Day of the Rose) or El Dia del Llibre (The Day of the Book) because, according to tradition, people give each other roses or books to celebrate St. George's Day. In 1995, UNESCO designated April 23 as World Book Day in order to encourage everyone to discover the joy of reading and to call for respect and protection of intellectual property.

Students at Fuzhou Lakeside International School just held a "Madness Readathon" in March. Reading helps students expand their vocabulary, improve their thinking skills, and improve their attention span. Readathon helps students develop good reading habits and improve their English reading skills by choosing books that match their reading level (Lance Index). Students can choose any favorite English book to read, and secondary students win house points for the number of pages read each week, while primary students set their own page goal for each class to win party prizes. FLIS hopes that Readathon would help broaden everyone's horizons after school and give them a taste of reading while significantly increasing their reading time - after all, the number of pages is just a contest. A healthy hobby can benefit a person for life.

✦ 小学部 Primary 

Goal 10000

Goal 20000

Goal 15000

Goal 15000

Goal 10000

Goal 15000

✦ 中学部 Secondary

MYP4E Paul You

2nd Winner
MYP5E Eugene Lin

3rd Winner
MYP1E Kathryn Chen

4th Winner
MYP4E Dolfin Wu

5th Winner
MYP4E Yuexi Jiang

Encouragement Award
MYP2B Tina Chi
MYP2B Viola Chen
MYP1B Helen Ye


Congratulations to all of the winners of the "Madness Readathon"!

To celebrate World Book Day, FLIS has decided to continue the great interest and enthusiasm for books and reading that the students showed during the Readathon! A special exhibition will open in the FLIS lobby from April 18 to April 22. We will display the recommendation cards/posters that students have made to promote their favorite books, as well as the covers they have designed for their favorite books. In our daily life, we often recognize people by their appearance, and the cover is the "appearance" of a book, which is the first impression of a work; in addition, everyone has special interests and hobbies that reflect their spiritual world, "My Favorite Book" provides us with a small glimpse into one's spiritual world. We welcome you to stop by and enjoy students' works, experience a chic, full and interesting soul, and don't forget to vote for your favorite work! The voting channel will be opened on April 20, and you can cast your precious vote for your favorite works through the sticky notes distributed until the 22nd. The best entries will have a chance to be included in the yearbook for the 2021-2022 school year and be selected for the 2022 Christmas fair product design materials. We look forward to your participation, and we wish you all a good time with books!