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School News丨再见2020!FLIS年度圣诞演出圆满举行!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Looking back at 2020, some say it was the worst year ever, while others say it was a year like no other, one that reminded us of our frailty as human beings and taught us to cherish life. As we enter the Christmas season, there is little left of 2020, and no matter what, the year is coming to an end. Fuzhou Lakeside International School's traditional annual charity offline sale kicked off last week, and we developed a variety of related products based on our students' amazing artworks, such as calendars, postcards, and red packets. These items were a big hit! In addition, Christmas-themed wax designs, masks, and other items were also very popular. The annual charity sale was combined with the Thanksgiving Art Exhibition. Funds raised from this event will be used for a Tencent public welfare project called "Clean Hands and Health, and Epidemic Prevention." This project helps poor rural schools in central and western China by providing them with epidemic prevention support and health facilities to safeguard health on campus.

12月22日,FLIS举行演出提前庆祝了圣诞节!本次表演同样由校园乐队FLIS Band开场!本学年乐队经历了初代主唱毕业、新生代成员加入,整体也展现了全新风貌,两首连唱迅速炒热场子;MYP4B1班的同学带领大家见证奇迹发生的时刻,这可是FLIS演出史上头一次出现魔术节目哦;今年中学部的节目亦可圈可点,Mausumi老师带领MYP2E的同学为观众献上一支与化学有关的奇妙舞蹈,艺术表演与学科结合,大获好评;演出间隙,我们播放了致敬抗疫无名英雄的视频,纪念同心抗疫、四海一家的这一年,也通过公益平台进行物资捐赠,为中西部贫困农村学校提供防疫及卫生设施;豪华的社团活动是2020秋季学期的亮点之一,新成立的FLIS合唱团也在一段时间的培训后初次登台亮相啦!《四季的问候》+"Silent Night"连唱,将场内圣诞气氛推向最高潮……
On December 22nd, FLIS celebrated Christmas early with a show! The show was also opened by the FLIS Band! This school year, the band has experienced the graduation of the first generation vocalist and the addition of new generation members, and the band as a whole has shown a new look. For the first time in the history of FLIS, students from MYP4B1 led the audience to watch a magic show. The secondary class also had a great show this year, with Ms. Mausumi leading MYP2E students to present a fantastic dance related to chemistry, which was a great combination of art performance and subject matter. In between the performances, we showed a video tribute to the unsung heroes, commemorating the year of fighting against COVID-19 together, and also donating materials through the charity platform to provide epidemic prevention and sanitation facilities for poor rural schools in midwest China. After a period of training, the newly established FLIS choir made its debut! “Greetings for All Seasons” and “Silent Night” were sung back-to-back, bringing the Christmas spirit to a climax!

This year, we have not only experienced panic and isolation, but also felt deeply touched by good deeds of the countless unsung heroes. Till the springtime, when the flowers bloom, we finally return to the warmth of the community, and every time we meet after that is so precious. It has been a year of mixed feelings, a special year. On the last school day of this year, please allow us to say in advance: “Goodbye, 2020! Hello, 2021!”

We hope 2021 will be a normal and wonderful year.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your holiday and see you in January!